Web development trends to follow in 2017

Web development is one of the industries that are continuously changing every minute. We come across new technologies, frameworks, tools as well as trends every year. There is always the rise and downfall of the trends and thus, some stay with us and some just fades away with the passing time.

The web developers always ensure that the online experience of the user is enhanced. Thus, they are continuously working to improve the trends and never hesitate in testing them. So here, we have for you the top trends of web development that you must follow in 2017.

1-Let content be the king

We are aware that most of the visitors come on the site because of the content that has been posted. However, in the past year’s numerous thumbnails, advertisements, social media links on the sides of the web page diverted their attention. So the purpose for which they came was never fulfilled.

This is the reason in 2017 more attention will be given to the content that has been posted. The web page will be designed in such a way that advertisements will not be included or shifted at the end. This will help the visitors to keep their attention focused on the content.

2-Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence will always remain the hot topic whenever we discuss the evolution of technology. So now, the tech industry is working to make sure that the public will utilize AI technology as well.

  • The large applications use the AI technology to enhance their ranking on the search engines
  • For the identification of the inaccurate or damaged articles
  • AI gives access to the tools that will be used by the OOWEBOO web engineers in different ways in the coming years to improve the experience of the users
  • The upgrading process of the website will be simplified with AI technology.

3-Virtual Reality

One of the top agendas that come with the development of the web industry is the virtual reality. It has already taken over the gaming industry. It has brought many innovations in the world of games but it is not going to just stop there.

This is the reason major companies like Google are working on the APIs so that the VR technology can be included in the web development. Soon many applications will be developed by using the VR technology. It would also be utilized for the advertisement purpose and the development of 360˚ videos.

4-Internet of Things

In order to send and receive data when the objects that are not connected to the internet, are given the connectivity is called the internet of things. There is diversity in this field because the things can range for the regular appliances of home use to the sensors that are embedded in walls to detect the weakness or cracks.

In the field of web development internet of things can be used for:

  • Analysis and display of the data
  • Communication with the IoT devices

Some concerns regarding the security have been surfaced with the introduction of IoT in the web development. Thus, the developers are working to keep the things safe from the hackers.

5-Open Composition

In the past, the web designs were based on the closed composition. However, at the end of 2016, the open composition designs have again taken a special place in the field of web development. Many famous developing organizations like OOWEBOO web engineers are using this technique of web development.

It helps to keep the visitor engaged by giving them the impression that something exists beyond the limits of the monitor. In 2017, this is going to be a major trend to follow.


The rules of symmetry are about to be broken in 2017. Symmetry might have dominated the web-designing field but not anymore. This is the reason that many of the web designers are working on creating the layouts based on asymmetry.

The page is developed in such a way that it seems like something from left to right is not perfectly balanced. It gives a new look and can be utilized to make the visitors pay attention to a particular product.


In the past, it has been noticed that the content posted on online platforms has the simple typeface. The common ones utilized were Open Sans, Lato, Roboto, Ariel and many others. In the case of the headlines, they were simply bolded with an italic typeface to grab the attention.

However, in 2017 this trend is about to change. Now the topography is about to get rich with many different font faces and sizes so that the readers will make the content more interactive rather than boring.

The web developers will make sure that when posted online the content will be more decorative. As these are some of the techniques that will make the visitors come back for more.

8-Web design evolution

So in case that you are interested in the web designs here, we have some of the trends that you must watch out for in 2017:

  • The interface based on the movements will become more popular. The interface that will respond to the movements of hands will be the most utilized one.
  • There will be more videos and storytelling visuals that will allow the visitors to get the required information quickly in the limited amount of time.
  • More attention will be given to the fast loading of the web page so that visitors will not have to waste their time and get the results quickly.

Final verdict

OOWEBOO web engineers have been working with the modern trends and has the expertise to provide you with the top websites. So make sure that you get the best services and save your time and money.